The Mongol Rally is not for the faint hearted and is an epic challenge even for the most able bodied. Our team didn't just succeed in completing this epic journey, we over came challenges, robbery, broken bones, stolen car papers, driving an extra 10,000km. Amazing, real, challenging and demanding. 

Jezza was the first ever tetraplegic to complete the Mongol Rally.

"Anything is possible with my incredible team"



Our mission is to bring awareness to this world. We have all seen the ice bucket challenge and other big charity or fundraising attempts on (social) media. The difference with our mission is that we are not aiming to just raise attention to one disability or disease. We want to show every single person that life is to be lived to the maximum, regardless of your (dis)ability.

Our three main tasks are to:

1. Change the way society thinks about disability

2. Get outdoor companies to work with us and people of all abilities

3. Show everybody with a disability that they are just as capable as others

Jezza Williams, founder of Makingtrax and a wheelchair rider himself, and his team have been operating for over two years in New Zealand. It is now time to bring Makingtrax into the limelight worldwide. We believe that everybody, no matter what ability, should be able to experience the true feeling of freedom through adventure. A disability should be no excuse to hold back. Life is precious and you only have one, so live it to the max and push the limits.

Makingtrax aims to provide a boundary free environment for everybody. This mission is yet another way of us proving a point: The only limits to this life are the ones you set yourself.


Makingtrax came about from an intense thinking time during the 12 month rehabilitation period Jezza Williams, Company Director, faced following his Canyoning Accident in the Swiss Alps 2010. After a life spent in the great outdoors and now being faced with another extreme challenge, Jezza had to conjure up a way to get back out into the industry that he so loves and enjoys.  Now a C5 Tetraplegic, Jezza believes if he can take part, then anyone can.

Makingtrax takes the time to discover the best and most professional adventure companies willing to spend extra time and effort to provide taliored adventure experiences. We endeavour to acquire adaptive equipment, information and network base. Making activities possible, fun and safe for any ability.

Makingtrax director Jezza Williams has extensive knowledge and expertise in adventure tourism and adventuring having more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Gaining both National and International qualifications, Jezza has operated wilderness expeditions in Honduras , multi day rafting trips on the Zambezi, kayaking expeditions in Morocco, venturing through the Darién Gap in Panama, Canyoning in the Swiss Alps. Working for leading Adventure Companies in Australia, Africa, Canada, Switzerland  United States, Central  America and of course our own beautiful New Zealand. From running helicopter rafting operations to being the head ski patrol Jezza has almost done it all. Makingtrax is a business with a unique ethic. We are focused on bringing life changing adventures and experiences to you our clients; not on maximising our profits. www.makingtrax.co.nz


Jezza Jezza

Aka the legend aka the man, founder of makingtrax...he's been called many names but they all give the reader the hint that this guy is a special type of character. Jezza is the thriving force behind this mission and the one who turned it into a project of awareness. Quite typical he is thinking big on this one. Why not conquer the world? Something Jezza could possibly achieve with his incredible determination, experience in all sorts of fields and countries, willpower, strong mind and of course that smile that makes the women melt. Even though he doesn't like to hear it he is a pretty inspirational man, good old Jezza and with his brain, skills and contact our first valuable team member.

Ben Ben

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it’s our American teammate Ben Sporn! When he’s not escaping the real world through his love of adventure, Ben is using his earthquake engineering skills for the better good of the Christchurch rebuild. Having studied all around the world, it was inevitable that he would combine his knack for engineering with his passion for outdoor adventures and touchdown in kiwi-land. Not one to back away from a challenge, Ben is keen to tackle any awesome adventure ahead of him, whether it be jumping off mountains with questionable parachutes or the Mongol Challenge!

James Sonny

To look into Sonny's eyes explains it all. An absolute genuine legend. Growing up on the Buller, home town Murchison, Sonny is at one with river. River guide by design, international traveler by nature. From the Jungles of Honduras to the Wildness of Africa, Sonny's experences are of huge asset to the team. Smiling at customs to guiding us down a lost river. Always up for an adventure.

Nicky Nicky

None of us could picture Nicky without a smile on her face. Born in Takaka it must have been destiny that Nicky has become natures best friend. Climbing through canyons in Switzerland taking the best adventure shots possible or guiding people through New Zealands glacier, she's done it all. Nicky kicked of her career as a nutritionist, so malnutrition is not gonna be a problem for any of us on the trip.

Tanja Tanja

Over the last years Tanja has become more and more Kiwi...she came over from Germany in 2012 and since then has become the number 1 carer in Jezzas life. Not only has Tanja made Jezzas life much easier she has also become a main supporter of Makingtrax, joining every adventure possible. Since this year skydiving has become her addiction and if the weather is game you can be sure she'll be up there throwing herself out of a perfectly good airplane

Thomas Camo

CAMO                                                                                                                          You would be hard pressed to find someone more suited to the mongol challenge than Camo, having spent the last decade working his way round the world from deepest darkest Africa to the rockies in Canada. Camo is well known for getting himself deep in shit and somehow making it out the otherside. With a personality to match his beard Camo is an essential part of any team with a crazy mission in mind. River boy and adventurer Camo's skills and personality are gonna add Magic to the expedition