What an evening. Welcome to Croatia, Živjeli

15th of August, 2015

What an evening. Welcome to Croatia, Živjeli (Cheers in Croatian) 

As the morning settles so does the mind, experiences unwind from the evening before. We rocked into this classic small town on a day that has great significance, the 20th anniversary of the war with Serbia. 
The third town past the boarder looking for a place to camp, we found a little bar that is setting up for what looks like a party, four massive speakers a key board and Milan, whom I thought would have been a DJ. But a surprise was to follow. As we entered Croatia there were flags lining the streets, on cars, everywhere. I understood it was a football game, however after having a wine setting up camp, the locals gathered, smiles and curiosity. Through broken English learnt from movies we started socialising. We had entered Croatia on a very significant day. The twentieth anniversary of Croatias freedom from the break down of Yugoslavia, communist rule and a devisitating war with Serbia. In saying this even after twenty years since the war, there are reminders everywhere you turn. Buildings destroyed others riddled with bullet holes, very haunting. 
This evening is about to turn into an epic. 
I definitely have to mention Wolf, his quote "no talk, no talk, peace and love, I've killed hundreds of Serbs (spit on the ground) Russians (spit on the ground). But seriously what a dude.
Town gone crazy. So nuts, not being rude, but was hanging with the poor part of the country, invited to a scene in a black and white film across from our camp AKA local bar. Drinking well water, eating wild pig and deer. Getting drunk on home made wine and schnapps. All in a setting that could have been a hundred years ago, rock roofs, old farm courtyard, horse and cart styles. Not to forget Milan singing Croatian folk songs across the street, we soon joined the celebration  Wowsers what an evening the locals take it to another level.
As the evening progressed so did the drunkenness of the locals, at the end of the night things just got out of control. As they said before we get drunk and fight, I just had to be in the middle of it all. Interesting times.
To finish of the nuts one of the local ladies stomped on Nickys tent with Tanja asleep inside.
In saying al this it was a beautiful night, the hospitality was off the wall, as for the characters we meet that evening were unforgettable. I'm even Facebook mates with Wolf, friends for life.
In the morning we had coffee waiting, big hugs, time to depart south.........