Under Way

30th of July, 2015

We have now found ourselves in Germany about to head into Austria, what an epic it's been. So where to start, I have to say we must have the most relaxed team possible. It has now been just over a week since our mission begun, we started at the Goodwood rally circuit joining the rest of the 200 cars. Two cars never even made it off the track and we nearly didn't make it to the start. As the evening before we got lost in the English countryside, after our police escort to an incredible camping site we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, we are now underway. 

Our plan was to take off to Belgium straight away, however after getting blocked in traffic for five hours moving about 500m we find ourselves sleeping in a beautiful little country bar on the outskirts of London Kent, so much for making it to the ferry. But it was off to Belgium where we had festival in Gent, wowser what an incredible place. I believe there was probably over 100,000 people at the festival, with floating barges in the canal to accommodate the masses. Every corner of that town was a jaw dropper, the ancient city is spectacular. That evening was spent under the stars in a city park, with our own security guard. We honestly have been looked after like royalty.
Even when we get sidetracked, (never lost) someone will offer to escort us to our next destination. I believe we have had six escorts to date.
We then headed north towards Amsterdam we are definitely making progress I think we need to be heading East but we always find ourself zigzagging all over the europe even backtracking sometimes, we are definitely the slowest team. Our cars are slow and we drive them like nanas, I don't think the trucks on the autobahn like us to much. Lucky it's not a race. 
Amsterdam was a blast but fantastic to leave, the most exciting part of my Nederlandse experience was to catch up with a fantastic friend and meet her new baby named after the one and only yes me. So just two weeks ago my little Protege Jezza was born it was awesome to catch up Lizzy and her beautiful baby boy.
We then decided it was time to head to Interlaken Switzerland catch up with old crew and have a bit of mountain fun. So after picking up our last crew member Tanja we arrived in Interlarken late in the evening. Then boom our luck changed only for a short time but it was upon returning back to our vehicles we found one of our cars had been ransacked. Computers and cameras gone, oil pored all over the car interior. If Switzerland is the only place we get robed then pretty ironic really.
River time was the reward, we hit up the Lutchine River a class 4 freezing continuous run. If I would go in the water game over, so lucky I have a great team and our Makingtrax Rafting harness. It's amazing how trust in the people around you and myself opens up so many opportunities. Some of my situations including the crazy stairs, I feel unstoppable with trust in my amazing team.