Sweetest people on the planet

10th of July, 2015

Thailand was a perfect place to make sure that everything would work. When I talk about how things work I am talking about temperatures,bathrooms, accessibility in the streets. 
Nicky and I travelled through to Thailand on our $5000 ticket plus mine so about $7000,without even an upgrade. Has to be one of the most friendliest countries I've ever visited and incredibly helpful, right down to the pool boy. In my world you just harden up and enjoy getting man handled by anyone so missing out is just not an an option. The temperature in Thailand reached around about 43° a great introduction to the idea of what my body can handle. As a tetraplegic, my body is unable to control temperature this means anything below my injury level does not know if it is hot. I do not sweat unless something is wrong with my body, (I do not get goosebumps when my body is cold). When I say freak out, I mean freak out. My body slows down, my blood pressure is extremely low and I tend to get very lightheaded and worst case just pass out. 
So five days in this heat was definitely a good introduction to the desserts of Kazakhstan. No slowing down; we hit the markets, temples and the craziness of Thailand's nightlife. Incredible tastes of Asia, Thailand just blows you away literally, the wild spices keep you rocking. Transportation, easy as, I get thrown on the back of the open air taxis, wheelchair and all then hold on. Getting around the streets, Nicky is a machine and the locals, well they just love to help. 
The high light of our Thai adventure for me has to be places I pee. Let me enlighten you on this matter, Jezza peeing. A topic of mystery that enables me to lead a healthy life. Prone to infection if not done clean; Thailand can be a little challenging. With help from my carer (or legendary friend, in this case Nicky), we find random spots. Trust me random. A catheter gets inserted down my willy to my bladder and I piss in a bottle. Accessible toilets haha, no need in my world we just find a semi quiet spot, sometimes not so. However in Thailand no one even blinks an eye. When I need to go, I need to go - sometimes within minutes, if not my blood pressure shoots through the roof and dysreflexia hits, sweets, shakes and my head pounds like getting hit in the back of the head with a sledge hammer. My bladder is also prone it injury if left too long and infection hits. Worst case scenario, death through dysreflexia. This is one reason being separated form my team or equipment is not an option.
Five days of adventure in Thailand and now time to get real, next mission - London. Twelve hours flight in cattle class, this time a little smarter using a pressure relieving cushion, keeping my skin healthy. Sad to see the back of the amazing Thai people. A quick stop in Gremanland puts things in perspective. All I'm going to say is "that is not my job, I'm not insured to carry your luggage".
London Town was met with the most awesome custom official I have ever had the chance of dealing with, he even asked for our business card to follow our epic journey.