Muddy Waters

11th of August, 2015

Another day, another country Slovakia

Time to spread our wings,feel the freedom of the road without destination. A car load of supplies from our Czech family, off we go to discover new horizons. It was a day to get south. As we departed beauty of Czech, Slovakia showed us that industry can keep a country with little growth. 

I could be a little bias, but the feeling I got from Slovakia was a country trying to get wealthy without looking forward. Every town had huge white and red chimney stacks billowing to the sky, the rivers looked dead and nuclear energy reigned. 
As the day progressed so did the temperature, excited to cool off in a pristine river all went out the window. Parking at the rivers edge you could smell the stench. Learning from the local gas station it not recommend to enter (even if you would dare) the fowl waters, as there was a radiation contamination just to polish it off. To put the icing on the cake, passing through the woods of Southern Slovakia a fisherman was spotted up to his thighs in what Dr Seuss would have written of in The Lorax. 
What a relief to hit Hungary where the rivers regained the natural form. A point to respect your land and let it thrive for future generations.
This is my impression of Slovakia, where I traveled and what I experienced, I'm sure there are beautiful clean pristine areas also, thinking we didn't take this route.
The moment of truth as we crossed into Hungary.........