Let the games begin

6th of July, 2015

Adventure.......to undertake a task without knowing the outcome.

Disability........have to look that one up.

Adaptation.........the way we roll.

Let the epicness begin, welcome to our story. 
Let me fill you in on what embarking on this journey of discovery and experiences will entail. The amazing, the crazy, the challenge. These are my words, but my team of legends will endeavour to share their moments and memoirs. To share is to bring understanding and awareness, so this is going to be a raw slice of Jezza's life over the next two months. Trust me it could get graphic, but this is life, the craziness of Jezza's world. Feel free to share amongst your peers, families and friends. Some names may be changed for privacy, but not mine. 
To travel is to experience people, culture, foods and the unknown. My personal belief is the more you experience new environments, cultures and individuals the more you understand yourself. 
To know rich you need to know poor
To know health you must have known illness
To know happy you need to cry. 
To know yourself you need to experience all - people, culture, beliefs, environments, risk and be open to the unknown. 
Learn to love and respect yourself and others, but don't absorb other negative views or energies.
You could say I like the challenge of personal growth, this is the reason behind this epic adventure ahead.
There will be risk but, no risk, no reward.
You are your memories.