Getting Hungary

15th of August, 2015

Getting Hungary.....

"Follow me" a hearty Hungarian on his old school BMW bike yells in his broken German as we cross the boarder. Adventure is what we are about, this is not Wolf Creek, so follow we did. Unsure where our next port was, he informed us he new where we needed to be. With a promise of a lake and quiet ancient non-tourist town we happily followed. As long as the direction was East we were onto a winner. I fantasised about our hearty Hungarian leading us to his mansion, with Hungarian beer and sausage.
Our biker escort was sure to point out old communist parliament ruins in passing, a reminder of the cold days that a kiwi would never comprehend.
I may have got the wrong end of the stick as our new comrade led us to a camp by the Lake Tata, but trust me a welcome sight as the further south the heat radiates inside of me with no way out. (I will explain more soon, let's say my body is being tested)
Tata is refreshing as the night approaches, silhouetted by Austro-Hungarien Empire teardrop topped temples. 
The journey to date has brought us to some amazing camping spots. Livng from a tent and dealing with my body, camping is not a problem although a challenge at times. The biggest issue is toilet and showers, I now have this refined. Showers have become a delicacy, rivers, lakes and soon the sea have become my bathroom. When we have the facilities I feel spoilt, but clean. As for using the toilet my body has its own rhythm, food is important to keep the rhythm rocking. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are the mornings I need to release. Sitting in my toilet chair a tummy massage and relief. I say it is like I've been through a Thai prison, in other words I am use too being naked in public even sitting in my toilet chair on my relief days out in nature or a public camp ground. I have come to the conclusion that if I don't feel uncomfortable nor do those around me and the average joe doesn't even notice. It just becomes normal for me and my incredible team.
Today sitting in my toilet chair, Tanja rubbing my belly the boys were packing the cars. I felt no one was even noticing my nakedness as surrounded by the crew and our camp. But as the camp was packed and cars loaded, I was left sitting in the public view like Mona Lisa at the Louvre. So I smiled and enjoyed the attention, as we are bringing awareness to the world.
Croatia here we come............