Debaucherated..... is that even a word?

6th of July, 2015

Zandra walks into pay for some firewood just four days from our departure, I'm in the van waiting for her return.
Ambulances arrive and whisk her away. Gobsmacked to say the least, my carer, great friend & trained nurse I have trusted with my life is seriously unwell. Contemplating my next move, whilst horrified at what has happened I reach for my phone.
Just that you understand a little about my dependence on others, without sounding selfish. I am dependent upon a carer for so much as you shall discover over the next few months. At this stage I was stranded.....
Who was going to get me to London......
Nicky who lives in Christchurch, one of the team was meant to be already on route to India,
Sonny has gone bush at his retreat,
Cammo already in the U.K.
Ben, well... he's in the U.S. & Tanja studies medicine in Germany 
I am still sitting in my van, that I can't move from, let alone drive, what a predicament to be in. 
I was definitely born under a lucky star, Nickys flight had been delayed one day, her voice on the phone was music to my ears.
This however was just the beginning, Nicky is an amazing friend of over ten years not my carer, Nicky is due to fly out in less than 12 hours, I don't have a carer for the next three days, time to adapt!!
Sadly we had to make the decision that Zandra wouldn't be accompanying me to the UK due to medical reasons.
Nicky the legend rose to the occasion.
Tickets were foregone, rebooked, insurances contacted, Nicky was given a crash course in the wild world of Jezza. All was in control.
The scariest part was when we got Nicky her ticket to accompany me to the UK via Thailand last minute, as I was due to fly out in four days time. What?? Did I hear you correctly $5000, does that include an upgrade and complimentary  bottle of champagne. Don't think so Ninety Nine. But hey it's just money, will it matter in five years?? Get me that ticket. 
So chaos averted, last minute packing, leaving party debaucherated, let's get this carnie show on the road.
Hasta Luego Kiwiland see you in thee months, ten years wiser.