Czech Mate

8th of August, 2015


So the first chapter is coming to a close, time to thank the incredible generosity that comes our way. But the next step will take us across  Eastern Europe towards Turkey. After our little misshape in Switzerland we have no papers, a little unsure what problems lie ahead for us. Switzerland put it on for us with a few friends and Austria brung it home, don Alidice is a name to remember as a teacher and inspiration from the roots of the Buller gorge, now residing in the Alps of Austria Stay by the river learn from the river, what a ball of energy.
The river was a fresh change of car time, so was finding out family was in Vienna, and well considering we ment to be doing this hard Glamping is the word...
Getting places were I have never been is where this adventure will start. To ease it in gently we hit up our last contacts in Czech of coarse blowing us away with traditional food,beer and fire in a setting that opened up to us under the full glow of a red moon. It was the peach schnapps and traditional sausages, amazing hospitality, yep Czech Mate
Now we hit new territory unknown following our road map of Europe east to new experiences story's cultures smells and food. Makingtrax a name that has become a way of life.
Our route finding via a basic Europe Road map is showing the way.
The mountains suck us east to Slovakia, where next......
On the sweet times car papers have hopefully been sent to our London base and will be forwarded onto a contact in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
Oil on the seats, we also feel a lot better knowing that the thieves did it to avoid detection from finger prints and police dog smell, very clever not malicious