Croatian Vacation

15th of August, 2015

Croatian vacation 
A little worse for wear, we head South in search of sea waters. Our plan is a country a day, so Bosnia bound our Yaris's roll. Still waiting to hear about the car registration papers, they should be arriving at our contacts address in Sofia, Bulgaria any day now. Should take us two maybe three more days to be legal again.
As we drive south the temperature soared into the forties, pushing my body to its limits. As a tetraplegic I have no body temperature regulation. This means I don't have any way to naturally cool down. I don't sweat, instead my blood pressure drops and my body slowly shuts down. Wet towels, spray bottles and a swim where ever possible keeps me going. Forty five degrees is our temperature at midday, as we approach the Croatia, Bosnian boarder.
Getting our exit stamp we are oblivious to what happens next. Customs ask for our vehicles registration papers to be allowed to enter Bosnia. No one told us that Bosnia wasn't part of the E.U. or Schengen, funny naive Kiwis. That's the shortest visit to a country I have ever had. But did score two new stamps in my passport, an exit and entry back to Croatia. Count our lucky stars Croatian authorities didn't ask for the paperwork upon re-entry, might have had to set up camp in no mans land.
Our plans have been foiled, plan D kicks in. Some Croatian beach time is on the cards, unable to get to Sofia to pick up our papers without the papers, snap! Double Jeopardy. 
Time to check out what countries are under Schengen and the possibilities traveling without car registration. Looks like we are landlocked. Time to look for a quiet Croatian sea side village to enjoy whilst getting paperwork sent from one location to another. The rally is going on hold, frustrating but there couldn't be a finer place for our vacation.
Our next few days was entertained by discovering the wonders of places including Primosten, Split and other remarkably ancient coastal paradises. With over six million visitors to the costal area since the beginning of the summer, luck was on our side to find a quiet camp. Surrounded by beautiful French families we found our base at Franks, Venera Camp in Sibenik, if your in this area, I highly recommend staying here.
But as we do our feet got itchy waiting with no word from our registration papers. It was time to risk it. With no papers our team consensus was to push on to Sofia, traveling north around Bosnia, via Hungary, Romania to Bulgaria. Approximately 1600km.
No risk no reward.......