From Sue Arnold - 19 July 2015

Thinking about you starting your great adventure this morning. Have a fabulous time and keep up the blog - we'll be following every step of the way.

From Jezza Makingtrax Director & Founder - 6 July 2015 undertake a task without knowing the outcome.
Disability........have to look that one up.
Adaptation.........the way we roll.
Let the epicness begin, welcome to our story.
Let me fill you in on what embarking on this journey of discovery and experiences will entail. The amazing, the crazy, the challenge. These are my words, but my team of legends will endeavour to share their moments and memoirs. To share is to bring understanding and awareness, so this is going to be a raw slice of Jezza's life over the next two months. Trust me it could get graphic, but this is life, the craziness of Jezza's world. Feel free to share amongst your peers, families and friends. Some names may be changed for privacy, but not mine.
To travel is to experience people, culture, foods and the unknown. My personal belief is the more you experience new environments, cultures and individuals the more you understand yourself.
To know rich you need to know poor
To know health you must have known illness
To know happy you need to cry.
To know yourself you need to experience all - people, culture, beliefs, environments, risk and be open to the unknown.
Learn to love and respect yourself and others, but don't absorb other negative views or energies. You could say I like the challenge of personal growth, this is the reason behind this epic adventure ahead. There will be risk but, no risk, no reward. You are your memories.

From jae youn kim - 5 July 2015

can you remember me??
we took a flight together in frank furt.
I arrived my homestay without any accident.

I never forgot you.
and I hope go to journey with you or have passion like you.

I know many Korean followers and magician.
because my hobby is magic show.
so, if you want to help say to me. I don't know how much help you, i will do the best.

I really hope the time we meet again.

thank you very much for you pleasure

and Good luck to us!!

p.s. grammar maybe wrong. sorry kkkk

From Jezza - 6 July 2015

Hi Jae
Of course I remember you, thanks for the message.
I would love for you to share amongst your peers
Definitely stay in touch,
Your a legend

From Zoe McIntosh Film Director - 24 October 2014

As a film maker, I am drawn to extraordinary characters like Jezza. I am extremely excited to be part of his ambitious mission of completing the mongol rally.

From Hamish Mortland Film Producer - 23 October 2014

What a guy & what an adventure! Jezza is an inspiration to us all. He's also pretty charming and damn cheeky so people naturally warm to him, including my dear friend & filmmaker Zoe McIntosh.

So much in fact that Zoe & I are hoping to raise enough funding so we can film Jezza & his team as they complete this mammoth task.

This project is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we're very passionate about documenting Jezza’s incredible journey, which we know will create an amazing film.

Keep doing what you're doing Jezza & bring on July 2015!

From Tracy & Ted - 21 January 2015

Well Hamish & Zoe, lets hope you raise enough funds to go on this epic journey and be part of the legendary team. Please make a DVD for us back in kiwi land to purchase of the antics the team get up to in the rally?

From Tanja TraxTeam - 13 October 2014

Wow, it is coming alive. It has only been a few months now since we started turning the fun idea of taking part in a rally into a proper plan followed by a lot of action. I am just taken back by the positive and awesome support we already have.
I want to take the opportunity of having this interactive homepage and, first of all, thank you guys for your amzing support but also want to tell you a little bit about my personal motivation. As you know I have been Jezzas carer for nearly two years. I have seen him creating pure beauty around him with his attitude and what he is doing with makingtrax. I was lucky enough to see endless smiles, grattitude, so much laughter and love from people that had the chance to take a trip with the help of makingtrax and supporters. Those are moments I cherished and memories that will always travel with me.
So there was that one faithful night when James told Jezza about the Mongol Rally and that this would be a perfect thing to do for Jezza (because throwing himself off and out of things is obviously not enough). I saw that sparkle in Jezzas eyes when he got told about the rally. I saw his thinking face already wondering how he could turn something that already sounded insane into an adventure that nobody could ever forget...
You pretty much know the story from here. We talked to other people about the rally, we had supporters from the word go and here we are now, with a team of fantastic individuals who are keen on making this world a better place.
I am back home in Germany right now studying to become a doctor. But I did not doubt a second that I had to be on this trip. I wanted to be part of it, I wanted to see those smiles again, the pure joy, the happiness in peoples' faces when their life gets changed forever because they lived through an adventure.
Even for me the project looks like a massive challenge. I am aware of the fact that there are many things that can go wrong. We are exposing ourselves, the car could break down, we can not speak most of the languages of countries we are passing through. As Jezzas carer I know there are things that are going to be a lot more difficult because of his body. I grew up in Germany and every country further east than Poland is already unknown. Those are not the places you go for your summer holidays. Older generations have even taught me it is dangerous and people there are different. I am following the news and see instability...but besides all of those potential dangers I know: It is worth it! I know we are going to have an impact on peoples' life, we will be able to get rid of some prejudices towards people with disabilities, we have a chance to encourage people to live their life to the fullest, no matter what ability. I know we will all personally profit from it, but even more important: With the money we raise we will enable even more people to join an adventure with makingtrax. We will be able to bring more smiles on peoples' faces and have them experience freedom through adventure.
I am glad you are part of it. Keep encouraging others to join us because the more we are, the bigger the impact.
Keep living, loving and sharing.

From Tim Williams - 18 October 2014

Tanya, you're super sweet - Jezza, let's see what you got boyo! X x

From Tracy & Ted - 15 October 2014

Can't wait for the fun to begin... We're glad to be on board as "tag along home team supporters" :)